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Accident & Health

The Accident & Health Division has since 1990 provided a bespoke service in the provision of schemes and facilities in connection with Accident and Health arrangements for individuals and groups. We offer a full range of coverage including but not limited to the following –

Personal Accident and Sickness (including Professional and Amateur sports)
Long Term Disability
Key Man Cover
Creditor Business
War Risks Personal Accident
Medical Programmes
Travel Schemes
Evacuation/Repatriation Programmes
Dread Disease/Serious Illness
Loss of License
Term Life Assurance
Group Life (Groups of 6 or more)
Credit card Insurance Schemes
Personal Accident
Purchasers’ Protection
Collision Damage Waiver
Stop Loss
Excess Loss
Specific and Aggregate
Overseas Household
Fine Art
High Value Household UK and Overseas
Scheme Business

The Division also acts as a specialist in the making of Bonding arrangements for Travel Agents and Tour Operators.

An online quotation for Personal Travel Insurance is available here. [http://etravel.tokiomarine.eu/brasil] n NB

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Business planning coordinates the management of your business throughout its lifecycle with:

  • Risk management
  • Distributions to the owners
  • Succession planning
Starting and running a business carries its own set of risk exposures, and there are several factors that can impact how safe your personal and business assets are from risk. These include, but are not limited to the type of business entity and the state you choose to do business in, as well as how you manage your business, human resources, and taxes. Business risk management identifies your options for handling these risks.