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Claims Information By BISL

We hope you don’t need to make a claim under your insurance, but things can go wrong at any time..

We are here to help and Insurance Broker Service Limited will endeavor to assist you, as swiftly as possible. Whether that is commercial or residential insurance related or whatever insurance related to your cases.

What can you claim for?

You can make claims depending on your insurance cover where political or financial or professional risk, marine insurance, construction, loan and tax, contingency risk, bank and financial institution, surety bond and construction risk.

Additionally, you may be covered for failure of other components in the remainder of the risk: always look at your policy to see what you are covered for.

As soon as any circumstance or incident occurs that may give rise to a claim under your policy, please contact us immediately so we can get your underwriters involved and informed at the earliest possible point.

We will work on your behalf to ensure your claim is dealt with efficiently and effectively, and are available to help at any time.

Who do you contact?

Claims are handled by our expertise broker on behalf of Broker Insurance Services Limited.

To notify us of a claim you should call immediately write to our claim agent, quoting your policy reference number. You’ll be asked for a brief summary of the claim or circumstance, and you will then be sent a claim form.

When you’ve completed the claims form you should return it to: Claims Department, via below emails we respond 24/7.

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Lillian Williams

No matter how inconsequential a matter may appear, it is always better to contact us so we can help and advise you.